The new WHO Country Office in Greece was established in 2018 and is located in Athens, providing a platform for daily collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Health and other stakeholders on national health priorities. The Country Office assists the Greek Government in shaping the national health agenda, providing technical support and monitoring and assessing health trends. It supports the host country in its work towards universal health coverage and a sustainable and effective health system, taking a holistic health-system approach.

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Strengthening health system preparedness for mass casualty incidents: first WHO Academy learning programme in Europe

A hospital room, previously used for meetings and presentations, was transformed into a stage for a fictional re-enactment of an emergency unit during the hectic few minutes after the announcement of a mass casualty incident (MCI).


Voices of the Region 2018 - Pantelis Leousis, retired musician, Greece, speaks of his experience with the new primary health care unit close to his home.

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% of population aged 65+ years

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