Health technologies and medicines

WHO/Europe supports countries in their development of policies and guidance for responsible selection and use of medicines and medical products. Work is performed throughout the WHO European Region, networking with countries and providing them direct technical assistance and support. The focus is on supporting Member States to improve access to quality, affordable essential medicines and their responsible use.

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World Blood Donor Day 2021 – Promoting blood donations in Italy

“When I think about why I donate blood, I ask myself a very simple question: ‘If I was on the other side and was in serious need of a blood transfusion, wouldn’t I hope someone had donated that blood for me?’ I have been donating blood since I was 18 and although it is a simple gesture for me, I know it is one that goes a long way for those who need it.”


WHO/Europe works with countries to help them ensure that people have equitable access to affordable medicines of assured quality, and that medicine will be prescribed and used appropriately.

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Health technologies

Technology is used in all types of health facilities, plays a major role in contemporary health care systems and contributes directly to the quality of patient care.

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Josef Probst

The challenge to Austria’s social security system of financing new and expensive medicines

Improving access to hepatitis C medicines

Country work

National policies on medicines cover all aspects, including manufacturing, patenting, prescribing, regulation, taxation and pricing.