Health impact assessment

Health impact assessments (HIA) provide decision-makers with sound information about the health implications of policies, programmes and projects, ranging, for example, from construction of a waste incinerator to the redesign of an urban neighbourhood. WHO/Europe provides support to Member States on HIA by developing methodologies and tools, carrying out assessments and reviews, and advising on policy options.

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A sustainable perspective on protecting health from chemicals

The growing scientific evidence of human health effects of exposure to chemicals, especially at vulnerable life stages, confirms that sound management of chemicals is a health issue.

Remediation of contaminated sites

Industrialization and poor environmental management practices have left a legacy of over 100 000 contaminated sites across the European Region, many of which still operate unsafely. The health impact and remediation of such sites is a priority for WHO/Europe in the environment and health area.

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Building capacity in environment and health

WHO/Europe promotes the integration of health in environmental assessments through building capacity at local, national and subregional level, and by supporting Member States in the implementation of the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) Protocol

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