The WHO Country Office, Albania was established in 1991 in Tirana. It serves as the focal point for WHO activities and assists the Albanian Government in shaping the national health agenda, providing technical support, and monitoring and assessing health trends. The Country Office team consist of experts in the fields of climate change, disaster preparedness and response, food safety, mental health, mother and child health and public health.

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Women at the forefront of the COVID-19 response in Albania: “We will keep fighting until this virus is defeated”

Currently, just over 110 000 cases of COVID-19 in Albania have been reported to WHO, with the number of deaths now coming close to 1900. The female nurses on the frontline, treating patients and saving lives from the virus, are shining examples of endurance and perseverance in the fight against this pandemic.

Response to the pandemic

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Can people afford to pay for health care? (2020)

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Estimated life expectancy, (World Health Report) (as of 2011)

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